Living Blue Balls

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Living blue balls

One billion living reef bacteria and enzymes with a novel depot effect in blue balls for easy dosing.

What, why, why!

Living Blue Balls for crystal clear, healthy water, easy nutrient control, reduces nitrogen phosphates and nitrates, reduces unwanted algae growth.

Very low cost and efficient in its effect:

  • supports the natural bacterial flora
  • eliminates annoying bacteria and debris deposits
  • removes organic waste products
  • increases skimming and minimizes cleaning intervals
  • uncomplicated dosage
  • long depot effect

For weeks of effective dosing ... give one Living Blue Ball per 100 liters of aquarium water every week.

Living Blue Balls float on the surface and are not sucked in by pumps or in the practical Living Blue Ball spiral.

The Living Blue Balls dissolve slowly and evenly within the next 1-2 weeks when they come into contact with water and release bacteria and a highly effective enzyme solution into the water.

The balls are made of a biodegradable polymer. A change in color and size is therefore normal and has no effect on the amount of bacteria contained. It is desirable that the skimming activity increases significantly after the addition of the Living Blue Balls. This is the first sign of increased nutrient depletion. By adding or removing the Living Blue Balls, the nutrient content in the basin can be precisely adjusted.

A general dosage cannot be given due to the individuality of the aquariums and their stocking. We recommend starting with half the recommended dosage.


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