Diakat B 2 - 4 mm phosphate adsober

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Original DIAKAT® B - special adsorber based on iron hydroxide for the removal of pollutants such as arsenate, phosphate, silicate, from pond, fresh and sea water. Pollutants are bound to the adsorber and can no longer be eluted.

Application advice for salt water:

Granules that swirl create abrasion. Therefore always place filter floss at the filter outlet. In salty water, iron-based granulates can "clog" if they are flushed through with a slow filter speed for a long time. As a precaution, shake the filter container a little every 2-3 days or let the granules swirl up briefly at a higher filter speed. Please dispose of the water drain as it can contain suspended matter and turbid matter. Avoid anaerobic (low-oxygen) conditions in the filter container, as otherwise iron-II compounds (e.g. iron sulfide, iron sulfate, iron carbonate) can develop under the reducing conditions. Dosage recommendation: depending on the pollution, approx. 50-150 ml DIAKAT® B per 100 liters of water. DIAKAT® service life: depending on water constituents, feeding habits, depots

Tap water treatment:

DIAKAT® B can be used to treat tap water or osmosis water if it contains e.g. copper, lead, zinc, phosphate or silicate.
Pour water into a canister or tank and hang a bag filled with DIAKAT® in it. Use a small circulation pump / flow pump to keep the water moving. After a few days, the concentration of the substances in the water should be significantly lower.
Then leave the water in the container or tank for a day so that any abrasion or turbidity that may be present can settle. The water can now be used after a suitability test.

DIAKAT® B 2-4 mm: approx. 75-100 ml per 100 l of water

Greater absorption capacity due to a higher proportion of iron hydroxide

Very important ---> rinse very well with water before use !! Preferably with osmosis water.

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