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1 kg = 1.75 €

Substrate for your saltwater aquarium Aloha White in sizes XS - L

Aloha White Sand consists of 99.6% calcium and magnesium carbonate and, thanks to its purity, is ideally suited as an aquarium floor. Due to its white color, it has good reflective properties. It reflects the aquarium lighting and thus generates additional diffuse light radiation from the ground, which benefits your light-hungry corals. With its bulk density of 1.45 kg / l, it is heavier than coral sand. This means that there are significantly fewer drifts caused by current pumps.
The sand is not pre-washed!

Aloha White Sand should be rinsed several times before being used in the aquarium. Not pre-washed!
The dust components caused by abrasion during transport should be rinsed off. Rinse until the water is largely clear. We recommend a layer thickness of 2-3 cm in the aquarium.
With DSB (Deep Sand Bed) at least 8 cm.

Contents: 10 kg

The product is made in Germany.


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