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Are you looking for top reef ceramics? Well, since you've been in good hands with Mirjam Löw. Reef ceramics from RiffSystem® - because QUALITY is decisive.


When do I have to feed / fertilize:
We fertilize when the plankton starts to get a little lighter or we test with test strips (have
we also here in the shop) the NO3 content. If the NO3 value is between 10-20 mg then we fertilize.
A while after fertilization, the NO3 value should be around 150 mg. As soon as the plankton
When you reach a "rich" color, you can "harvest" or dilute the plankton by adding more salt water
and thus expand the breed. Before you add the plankton to the aquarium, please check the
NO3 value!

The Kiel Aquarium, which is also one of our customers, is always worth a visit. The showcase to maritime
Worlds in Kiel.


with the kind permission of Michael Gruber.


A small forum about aquaristics which is run by my husband and his friend. Unfortunately plays
Nowadays everything is mostly done on Facebook, but try to find some information there ;-).

Two short videos of how we process extruded aluminum heat sinks with our CNC milling machine


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