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Hanna-Checker® HC mini handheld colorimeter

The Checker® HC are available for many important water parameters that are measured in the aquarium hobby. They offer a very good compromise between simple but imprecise chemical test kits and expensive special equipment. They enable simple measurement in combination with high accuracy at a very fair price.
The salt mixtures used in seawater or reef aquariums can lead to interference with photometric measurements - such as with the Checker® HC. For this reason, Hanna Instruments has developed the Marine Checker® HC, which is particularly suitable for measurements under these conditions. Please also be sure to observe our information on measurements in salt water on the Hanna support pages.

What are the important values ​​that should be measured in a saltwater aquarium?

Which includes:

• temperature
• PH value
• water chemistry parameters
     o alkalinity
     o calcium
     o nitrite
     o Phosphorus / phosphate

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