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Aquarium cooler Eva cooling kit

Rush for acrylic glass to protect against coronavirus, thanks to this crisis, almost all retailers have raised the prices for Plexiglas and acrylic glass. So we had to adjust our prices too.

The Eva holder can be adjusted in approx. 15 ° steps.

The Eva is already glued. The kit contains all screws and the 2-4-way adapter cable (for plugging in the fans). The fans and a power supply are not included in the kit.

This product has nothing in common with anything previously available and is also not a low-budget product ... Everything is made of acrylic and not of deep-drawn plastic parts. Eva can be adjusted to glass thicknesses of 6-15 mm and can be mounted on the edge of the pool as well as on bars, all parts are interchangeable ... so not a common throw-away product. The Eva is handcrafted in Germany. Furthermore, special requests are of course possible on request.

120 differently quiet fans (from approx. 20 db) can also be found here in the shop. A protective plate can be removed for cleaning. Eva has dimensions of 252 to 495 mm x 141 mm without the holder. A 12 V DC / 2000 mA power supply unit with 5.5 / 2.1 mm barrel connector is required for operation.

Depending on the fan equipment, Eva can achieve the following air flows:

4 fans at 115.5 cbm / h = approx. 462 cbm air / h = 462,000 l / h
/ one 12 V DC / 2000 mA power supply unit

4 fans à 170 cbm / h = approx. 680 cbm air / h = 680,000 l / h
/ one 12 V DC / 2000 mA power supply unit

with the 2 or 3 EVA, of course, correspondingly less.

Here is a link to the open EVA without inlays with 4 x 170 cbm fans = 680 cbm / h

P.S .:
Why is this aquarium cooler now called EVA ... EVA is our abbreviation for evaporative cooling.

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