Filter fleece

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Fleece for your aquarium fleece filter or pond filter.
Ideally suited for all common models e.g .:
  • Theiling Rollermat
  • Clarisea SK 3000
  • Marine clean MC 3000
  • Deltec
  • Bubble Magnus
  • Genesis EVO
  • pearl
The brands listed are the property of their respective manufacturers and are used for description only.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from different thicknesses and lengths.

Width: from 100 mm to 1000 mm
Length: from 30 m to 200 m

Weight / m²: from 20 g to 60 g

It is a needled PES fleece from German production. Our filter fleece is suitable for fresh and salt water
as well as pond filters.

General information on filter fleece:

Filter fleece is a filter material which filters out the finest suspended particles from the aquarium or
your pond water. The fine filtering gives you crystal clear water. The filter fleece is wound on rolls and
can be used in various fleece filters. The filter fleece even catches floating particles in the µ range from
the water and holds them in the fleece. This reduces the nitrate concentration in the saltwater aquarium.
Suspended matter was yesterday ...
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